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April 10, 2018

Kristian Jøraandstad is a fashion photographer and passionate entrepreneur. 
Rising from a career within hospitality, his passion for photography and stories has always made an impact on Kristian. 

It is his desire to truly showcase the story within the shoot and people in front of his lens. From previous experience with advertising and media, Kristian has an inner feeling for stories to develop in front of the camera. From a very early stage, he made an effort to explore the world of photography. When moving to Lofoten in the north of Norway, the nature and the breathtaking scenery made a big impact for him. That's when he stepped up the game with his camera. Now, he is living his dream as a professional photographer. 

"Stories come in all shapes and sizes."

Some shoots take longer than others creating different moods, creative angles and carefully selected lighting to showcase development with the "narrator" in the image. Others are just a shot, straight from the hip and portray his unique perspective with the face expressing full emotion. Sometimes you can feel the emotion just by looking into the eyes and slight attitude on the face.

We have been very fortunate to have Kristian on board from the very beginning with Fevrier. His creativity has given us even more inspiration when working on our brand. Humble, interested and always in the mood for a new shoot. That´s how we really enjoy the time with Kristian. We admire those who put a lot of heart and soul into making their own path in life.