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fevrier story


Quality is doing it right when nobody is looking.

Working on Fevriers development we have been traveling extensively across the world. We want to discover, meet with our suppliers and to get to the know the people behind. Quite some time has been spent to develop the needed trust to establish a well working platform. We must admit that we have also been very fortunate to meet some amazing positive people that have given the project and our lifelong vision a shot. It is with great pride that these people involve and work with us.

The owner and founder of our watch factory is a complete watch enthusiast himself. And with that under his skin, the factory has been developed with top quality in mind through the last 15 years. All our stainless steel watch cases are produced in-house in the factory where each one is hand polished. All the watches are assembled by hand. Before deliver each single watch is tested in water tank under pressure to make sure everything is accurate as possible to meet our quality demands.

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When sourcing for the right manufacturer for our leather straps it was a long process. After months checking leather samples, quality and design we did not quite get the right ”look & feel” to the straps. But at the end when doing research we came across some amazing quality products. The people behind these straps have been in business for 30 years doing nothing but straps. Spot on to quality and adaptable to Fevrier design. Our straps are made of carefully selected italian leather. Both selection of thread, stiches and padding are designed for our own Fevrier watch collection. We are proud to deliver a honest and hand assembled quality product to our customers.

To us at Fevrier, real products should give a certain feeling of life. The straps will only improve the look with "wear & tear". To ensure that our customers can keep the good looks of the leather we have developed our own Fevrier leather balm which comes complimentary with each watch. From us to you.


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